Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Playing Around: Rough Book Covers for my Novel...

See what happens when you have writer's block? You play with pictures... =) If I ever get published, I won't really have any say with cover art so I figured I could play with it now...

The first one is actually from Fernanda Brussi's portfolio (the cover artist for Lauren Kate's Fallen). Now, when I get published I hope I have a dazzling cover artist that will do 100x better than these... but after seeing quite a few books with mediocre covers, I wonder if many authors are disappointed with their cover art when they see it. Hmmm. Wouldn't that suck? You pour your heart into a book and then have no say how it looks in the end? Oh well. I guess that is how it works. It's fun to hear when publishers let authors actually be involved in the creative design process... Know some amazing cover artists? Know of a fun cover art/author story?

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