Friday, January 28, 2011

Unpublished author with interesting idea!

Okay, so to me... this book trailer is hot stuff. Doesn't it feel like an ACTUAL movie trailer?! So get this... the author of this unpublished book is conducting an experiment... a digital marketing one. He wrote a book. Made a trailer. A facebook page. A website. And is now in search of an agent. Now this might seem a little backwards, but after surfing the web, I find that more and more unpublished writers are doing the same. They want their precious literary baby out in the world and are willing to put the sweat and tears into doing it. The world of publishing is changing and writers are getting down and dirty. I think its awesome... but I know there are many people that prefer traditional publishing, with traditional roles. What do you think the pros and cons are? Have you seen some unpublished writers' websites/blogs/trailers that actually make you a fan and make you WANT the book to be published so that you can have it in your hands? Tell me all about it!!

Check out this guy's website!

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